Yi Wei Technology won the bid of 28 million yuan Jinzhou wisdom water project

[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Enterprise] On December 20, Yiwei Technology announced that the company recently received Jinzhou Water Affairs (Group) Co., Ltd.'s letter of acceptance on smart water projects, and won the bid for the intelligent transformation of Jinzhou Water (Group) Water Supply System. Project, the project amounted to 27.925 million yuan.

Picture from Easyway Technology
Yiwei Technology was established in early 2005 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the provision of smart water service solutions for customers in the water industry. In July 2013, it was successfully listed on the New Third Board. It owns three subsidiary companies, Wuhan Yiwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Little Drop Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Shimeng Technology Co., Ltd. At the same time, the company has set up branches in Beijing, Shenyang, Xi'an, and Suzhou to handle the sales and service work in the local regional market.
Yiwei Technology and Wuhan, Nanchang and other colleges and universities, Taiwan, firmly follow the road of independent research and development, has formed a core technology and independent intellectual property rights of products with management products, modern products to enhance the series, smart meter reading product line, The series of intelligent water supply products and other products cover the water supply marketing business of the water supply industry. It has a number of copyright registration certificates and software product registration certificates, and a number of products have been awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Information Solutions in Hubei Province”.
The company's products have been widely used in major water companies across the country, serving nearly 150 customers and benefiting nearly 120 million people. Among them, Beijing Water Group, Wuhan Water Group, Hefei Water Supply Corporation, Harbin Water Supply and Drainage Group, Jiangxi Hongcheng Water Industry Co., Ltd., and Yinchuan China Railway Water Group, etc Partnerships.
According to statistics, Yiwei Technology has won the bid for Changde Smart Water, Guizhou Water Investment Water Supply, Hebei Jiantou Smart Water, and so on. The accumulative bid amount exceeds RMB 60 million.
"Intelligent Water Services", as the development direction of water information in the future, adopts a new generation of information technology, utilizes the concept of big data to innovate business models, explore data values, improve the level of intelligent control and intelligent decision-making, further guarantee the safety of water supply, and improve the level of customer service. An important way to solve the problems of water stress, water security, and water conservation.
(Source: Securities Times, Easyway Technology, and China Guangwang)

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