XS12J3Y, XS12J speed sensor

XS12J3Y, XS12J speed sensor

Converted into an alternating electric signal, the built-in circuit of the sensor amplifies and shapes the signal, and outputs a good rectangular pulse signal. The measuring frequency range is wider, the 0 speed can be measured, the output signal is more accurate and stable, and the installation is simple and widely used. Speed ​​measurement of vehicles, motors, fans, and steam turbines.

Technical Parameters:

1 Working voltage: DC5~30V

2 Measuring range: 0~20KHz

3 Speed ​​measuring gear form: modulus 1 ~ 3 (involute gear)

4 output signal: square wave, its peak-to-peak value is approximately equal to the operating power supply voltage amplitude, independent of the speed

5 Working temperature: -30 ~ +120 ° C

6 Thread size: M16×1×80mm or M12×1×80mm (can be customized)

7 Installation clearance: 1~5mm

8 Weight: about 100 g

XS12J3Y, XS12J speed sensor

The speed measurement is realized by the principle of electromagnetic induction. The sensor has strong output signal, good anti-interference performance, convenient installation and use, and can be used in harsh environments such as smoke, oil and gas, water and gas.

Electrical indicators:

DC resistance: 200 to 550 Ω (25 ° C)
Working temperature: -10 to +120 ° C
Physical indicators:

Weight: about 120g
Anti-vibration: 20g
Thread size: M16×1
Gear material: The gear material should be made of a metal material with high magnetic permeability.
Tooth shape: The involute tooth shape is a suitable tooth shape of the Zui. Using large modulus gears or other tooth shapes will create large waveform distortions that will prevent accurate measurements. If the spindle has axial movement, be aware that the center of the pole should be at the center of the gear.
Gear modulus: 2 to 4 tooth width b: greater than 5mm.

Most of the mechanical CD-6, ST-3, and ST-5 vibration velocity sensors (vibration probes) with rolling bearings are a seismic vibration velocity sensor with a high natural frequency of the mechanical structure. Or lower. MLV/S-9 low-frequency vibration sensor not only maintains some characteristics of vibration speed sensor: such as anti-vibration, impact resistance, high stability, and good low-frequency output characteristics, it can directly output vibration displacement signal, that is, amplitude signal. MLV/S-9 integrated low-frequency vibration speed sensor is suitable for vibration monitoring, machine tool accuracy test, seismic monitoring and geological exploration of large hydro-generator units and low-speed rotary machines, vibration analysis of high-rise buildings and structures, dynamic deformation of subgrade and bridges. With vibration test. Under some special conditions, it is impossible to install an eddy current sensor for some reason (such as installation conditions and environment). For this type of machine, if the vibration of the shaft can be mostly transmitted to the bearing housing, This mechanical vibration can be measured using a speed sensor mounted on the housing.

First, the basic principle sensor RDXZ-D0-05-L240-X4-1, DWQZ-D0-02-L60-X4-1 vibration speed sensor
The basic principle of the CD-21 series sensor is based on an inertial mass (coil assembly) and a housing in which a magnet is fixed. When the inertial mass is suspended from the housing by the elastic member, the sensor housing is fixed to the vibrating body. When the vibrating body vibrates, the coil and the magnet move relative to each other in the operating frequency range of the sensor, and the magnetic field line is cut to generate an induced voltage in the coil. The voltage value is proportional to the vibration speed value and is matched with the secondary instrument (vibration intensity monitoring) Instrument, HZ-8500 watt-vibration monitor, etc.), can display the vibration speed or displacement, or can be sent to other secondary instruments or AC voltmeter for measurement.
During the transportation and installation process, strong vibrations or shocks should be avoided, especially in the lateral direction. Pay attention to the working direction of various sensors, do not install the wrong vibration instrument series

SG-2 vibration speed sensor

SG-2 ST-3 ST-2 SZ-6 vibration speed sensor

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