Why is the germplasm resource bank of forests called "the germplasm bank"?

With the development of society and the changes of the times, many people are aware of the fact that species resources in the natural world are gradually becoming less and less. Many of the common forests have become rare treasures, and rare species are gradually Disappeared or disappeared. Given this growing situation, species protection is imperative. In terms of protection of forest species, the germplasm resource bank called “the germplasm bank” is playing an increasingly important role in the protection and development of forest germplasm resources, and has been recognized by industry personnel. .

Forest germplasm resource bank

The reason why the Forest Germplasm Resource Bank is called “the germplasm bank” is because many professional terms are derived from English translation or free translation, and the English translation of the germplasm resource bank is “the germplasm bank”. The Forest Germplasm Resource Bank is the “plasma bank” of forest resources. The second reason is that, like bank storage currency, the forest germplasm resource pool can also achieve the purpose of long-term safe storage of different kinds of forest germplasm resources, and it is a kind of conservation of forest germplasm resources. Therefore, from the point of view of function, it has similarities with banks. As a result, the tree germplasm resource bank is also known as the “plasma bank”.

Forest germplasm resources, which are the original materials for the selection and breeding of forest trees, are an important strategic resource of the country and the basis of genetic diversity and species diversity. Therefore, the protection of forest germplasm resources is an important task in the current development of agriculture and forestry. As an important protection equipment, the forest germplasm resource bank has played an important role in the protection and development and utilization of forest germplasm resources. The tree germplasm resource pool can not only provide security protection for the country’s important strategic resource, tree germplasm resources, but also contribute to the conservation of rare trees and wood species resources. The forest germplasm resource bank is also a large database, using the database, professional The personnel can understand the distribution, quantity, growth and development potential of precious and rare tree germplasm resources, as well as the potential for development and utilization, and provide important help for the planning, management, protection, development, and utilization of forest germplasm resources, and for ensuring forests. The security of resources and the realization of sustainable human development are of great significance.

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