Using laser leaf area meter to study the rationality of planting density

In the process of crop growth and development, the size of leaf area is an important parameter index, and it is an important factor that affects the growth of crops and the level of yield. This is because a reasonable leaf area is an important condition for the full use of light energy, high yield, and high quality. If the leaf area of ​​a crop is in an unreasonable range, light energy cannot be used very well for its growth and development. Solid and other energy are accumulated. Therefore, in the modern scientific agricultural production activities, the laser leaf area meter is used to determine the size of the crop leaf area, and the rationality of the cultivation density is studied to guide the determination of the cultivation density, to ensure the high yield of the crop, and to achieve quality improvement. Synergies, etc. are of great significance.

Laser leaf area meter

To ensure that the crop has a reasonable leaf area, it must pay attention to the rationality of the planting density. A reasonable density is an important cultivation method to increase the crop yield, and the determination of the crop planting density needs to be based on the leaf area index. The leaf area index refers to the ratio of the total leaf area per unit area of ​​land and unit area. The laser leaf area meter is an important instrument for determining the leaf area of ​​the leaf. Using this instrument to measure can help agricultural workers to obtain the required leaf area index conveniently. .

Taking fruit tree cultivation as an example can help us to understand the relationship between leaf area and planting density. Generally speaking, the average leaf area index for apples and pears is 3-4, which means that the leaf area index of one acre area is If you use the laser leaf area meter to find that the leaf area index is within this range, then it is more reasonable. If it exceeds 5 to 6, it means that there are too many leaves and the branches are too dense. Squeezing, but the leaves overlap, then it will inevitably affect the fruit trees in the light and photosynthetic effect, so in the actual guidance of agricultural production, we can use the laser leaf area meter to study the reasonableness of the cultivation density, to determine A reasonable cultivation density provides an important scientific basis.

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