UNEP praises China's "plastic limit order"

China recently promulgated relevant regulations restricting the use of plastic bags to reduce “white pollution”. Achim Steiner, executive director of the UN Environment Programme, expressed his appreciation for this.
Steiner said in a written interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters: “This is a positive decision that highlights the international trend of pollution in plastic bags.” He said that as a major country in China, its decision to govern the pollution of plastic bags Asia and the world may have an impact.
Steiner pointed out that plastic bags actually endanger the environment. Discarded plastic bags are not only unsightly, but also lead to the death of wild animals and livestock and block the city's sewage pipelines. He believes that the implementation of bans on ultra-thin plastic bags, encouraging the use of plastic bags instead of products, and encouraging recycling can enhance public awareness of environmental protection.
Regarding the prohibition on retailers providing customers with free plastic shopping bags, Steiner said: “The cost of selling plastic bags can be used to support municipal recycling projects. It can also be used to reduce labor costs in the environmental protection industry, including waste recycling and natural use. The industry that fiber replaces plastic bags will benefit."