The sound and water volume of the sprinkler

In summer, we can often see sprinklers on the road. The sprinklers can not only ease air-drying and moisten the road surface, but also can cool down and remove dust. It brings freshness and cleanliness to the city. The sprinkler is also called spraying. Vehicles, specific types can also be subdivided into multi-function sprinklers, garden sprinklers, water trucks, water tankers and so on. Sprinklers are suitable for a variety of green belts, lawn greening, road cleaning, construction and construction cleaning, and so on, providing people with a lot of convenience.


In our lives, we often hear music or cueing sounds when working on a sprinkler. Why? The main function of the sprinkler's music is prompting, and it is distinguished from the sound of vehicles on the road. This prompts pedestrians to evade the water in a timely manner so as not to spill water onto the passing pedestrians. The sound of sprinklers varies from place to place. There are pop songs, classical music, high frequency tones, and more.

Many people have a problem, that is, the amount of water spray sprinkler is how to control it, what is the amount of water spray standard is it? In the actual operation process, if the sprinkling volume of the sprinkler is too large, the sprinkling distance of the sprinkling vehicle will be too short, which will make the sprinkler lack of water. In this case, the sprinkler needs to continuously add water, and then the use cost of the sprinkler will be Increase, causing waste of resources and funds. Because the main function of the sprinkler is to remove dust and dust, purify the air, and reduce the air temperature at the same time, if the amount of water is too large, the mud on the ground will be muddy, causing inconvenience to people's lives. If the water volume is too small, the water will be too small. Can not reach the original effect, and the ground is dry and easy to form a larger area of ​​dust and environmental pollution, so, reasonable control of the amount of water, will achieve a multiplier effect.

In the daily use process, the sprinkler can freely adjust the amount of water to be sprayed according to the weather conditions and road conditions, creating a clean and clean urban environment for people. At the same time, people should pay attention to the sprinkler in their daily life. The sound reminds you to avoid the phenomenon of clothing soaking caused by the sprinkler spraying.

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