The correct use of fire-climbing trucks when ascending

Looking back on 100 years, it is hard to imagine what kind of experience would be placed on a 100-meter altitude. Nowadays, as long as your family lives above a 33-story building, the experience is experienced every day. However, once there is a fire in a high-rise building, if we are not at home and we can not escape the scene before the fire has developed, we will be in great danger. After we do the necessary self-rescue measures, the only option is to wait for the rescue of the fire truck . Then we will introduce today how to use the fire-climbing truck correctly to rescue the most people in the shortest time.


1) Save the person in the wrong stratum. That is, the use of a fire fighting climbing car 's work bucket will trap trapped people and move them to the safety floor. The trapped person can reach the ground on their own or with the help of others, so that the time spent on each rescue is only about 180 seconds, which is as short as possible. The rescue of more people within the time provided the possibility to give full play to the height advantage of the ascendant.

2) Cross over to save people. That is, the use of an ascending car to transfer trapped persons to adjacent safe buildings.

3) Personal protection. When a large number of trapped people are concentrated in an emergency refuge floor or on the roof of a building, they can use spray pipes to spray water to suppress the spread of fire and win enough time for trapped people to save themselves and save.

4) Explore the bottom to save people. That is, using the arm (ladder) frame to extend downwards, the trapped persons below the landing surface of the ascending car will be rescued to a safe area. Assisting in the use of rescue ropes and winches has a wider range and better results. At the same time, this can also be used as a cantilever arm.

5) Water mains. High-rise building with fire If the internal hydrant system fails, resulting in insufficient water supply or ineffective water supply, the firearms at the top of the arm (ladder) can be used to supply water to the in-house attack gunmen.

6) Personnel equipment delivery. When fighting fires in high-rise buildings need reinforcements, they can use the work buckets to transport firefighters and supporting equipment to designated floors. This not only saves firefighters' physical strength, but also saves the air consumption of positive pressure fire fighting air breathing apparatus. In particular, the formation of a stent, with a winch, can be a large number of transport rescue equipment.

In the rescue and rescue process where time is the life, the advantages of the ascend car are fully exerted and weaknesses are avoided, so that the greatest strength can be exerted in the process of fire rescue.

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