Technical knowledge: daily maintenance of the excavator

In addition to the daily busy work, we must always pay attention to the operation of the excavator, carefully check and maintain on time.

Check hydraulic tank oil level

1. Stop the excavator on a solid level ground. Lower the boom, extend the arm and lower the bucket to the ground.

2. The safety lever is placed in the "locked" position and the engine throttle is adjusted to the minimum position to keep the engine at the minimum speed.

3. Open the right door to check the oil level. The oil level should be between the upper and lower marking lines.

4. If the oil level is lower than the “L” mark, raise it.

- Turn off the engine and clean the dust around the hydraulic tank cover.

- The pressure in the hydraulic tank is very high, and the hydraulic tank cap is slowly loosened to relieve pressure.

- Remove the upper cover of the hydraulic tank and refuel.

5. If the oil level is higher than the “H” mark, drain the oil properly.

- Turn off the engine and wait for the hydraulic oil to cool completely.

- Connect a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank to drain excess oil into a suitable container.


The oil level cannot be higher than the "H" mark when refueling. Excessive refueling can cause damage to the excavator and oil can leak from the hydraulic tank.

Dispose of the discharged oil in accordance with local regulations.


After the excavator is working properly, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will be high. Wait until the entire hydraulic system has cooled down before servicing the hydraulic components.

The pressure in the hydraulic tank is very high. Slowly loosen the hydraulic tank cover to relieve pressure before safely removing the filler cap or upper cover.

Check the oil level of the rotary reducer

1. Pull out the oil ruler (1) and wipe the oil off with a cloth.

2. Insert the oil scale (1) completely into the catheter.

Check the oil level of the rotary reducer

3. After pulling out the oil gauge, the oil level should be between the "HIGH" and "LOW" signs on the oil gauge.

Oil ruler inspection

4. If the oil level does not reach the "L" mark of the oil gauge, refuel through the filler port (2)

5. If the oil level is higher than the "H" mark on the oil gauge, open the cover (3) of the discharge valve and connect the hose (4) to drain the excess oil into a suitable container.

Exhaust excess oil


The oil scale should be removed and wiped clean before each oil level is used to check the oil level.


After the equipment is working, the gear oil is very hot. Turn off all operating systems and cool down completely. Before disassembling the motor to detect the plug and other components, slowly loosen and release the internal high pressure gas. (This article is from Shantui)

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