Silver - extraction and processing

In order to improve the recovery of silver ore flotation independent, to take measures in three areas:

First, aiming at the thickness characteristics of the silver mineral inlay particle size, the silver mineral is fully dissociated as much as possible, and the recovery rate of silver is improved;

Second, select neutral or slightly alkaline floating mineral slurry and selection of sodium carbonate as the alkalinity control agent flotation pulp, enhance floating of silver;

The third is to use the yellow medicine and black medicine to enhance the ability to capture silver.

In recent years, under the encouragement of a series of preferential policies of the country, China has been strengthened in the comprehensive mineral processing and recovery of common and associated silver mines. Many mines and refineries have paid attention to the recovery of silver, but in general, there is no major development in mineral processing technology equipment. The recovery rate of silver is not high, and the silver content in different mine tailings is very high (10~30g/t), but it is not recycled.

After silver ore selected from the group (or smelt), the product obtained silver-containing ore concentrates silver, silver, and various mud of non-ferrous metals. At present, the former two are usually subjected to pyrolysis (reverberation furnace, electric furnace, crucible, blast furnace, flash furnace), or by hydrometallurgical separation and extraction, and then electrolytic refining; the latter is mainly in the process of smelting non-ferrous metals. Semi-silver is enriched and integrated into the anode mud (mainly copper and lead anode mud). In China, 98% of silver is recovered from smelting anode mud of various non-ferrous metal mines.

Mr. Zhang Wenzhao once said that the chemical structure of silver determines that silver has a high catalytic ability, and the high oxidation state of silver has a high reduction potential, which is enough to generate atomic oxygen in its surrounding space. Atomic oxygen has strong oxidizing properties and can be sterilized. Ag+ can strongly attract sulfhydryl groups (-SH) on proteases in bacteria, and bind them quickly to inactivate proteases, leading to bacterial death. When the bacteria are killed by Ag+, Ag+ is released from the corpses of the bacteria, and then contacted with other colonies, and the above process is repeated, which is also the reason for the persistence of silver sterilization. It has been determined that when the water contains Ag+ of 0.01 mg/1, it can completely kill the large bacilli in the water, and can maintain a new flora for up to 90 days.

The nano silver particles can identify the flora well in the sterilization process, and can well maintain the living environment of the beneficial bacteria group, and have no destructive effect on the normal flora and normal cells in the human body, and do not damage the human immune system. Therefore, nano silver does not have any toxic and irritating effects on the human body.

Silver is one of the earliest metals used by humans. Pastoralists on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, China, have long noticed that horse milk, which is held in a silver bowl, will not become sour after a few days. Modern research further unveils the mystery: silver sterilization. As long as a small amount of silver is dissolved in water and becomes silver ions, it has a strong sterilization ability. Scientists have done experiments to treat 23 liters of sewage (more than 7,000 per ml of E. coli), and after 3 hours of silver electrode treatment, all E. coli died. A few gigagrams of silver can make one liter of water clean. According to the experiment, typhoid bacillus can only live for 18 hours on silver tablets, and diphtheria bacilli can only live for 3 days on silver tablets. If the skin is bruised, there is no medicine for a while, and the silverware is immediately attached to the wound to prevent infection.

In the modern pharmacopoeia, it has successively contained four silver-containing drugs, such as silver nitrate, protein silver, silver charcoal, silver sulfadiazine, for the treatment of conjunctivitis, gonorrhea, cystitis, dysentery, enteritis, burns and other diseases. .

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