Quasi-dry machining and micro lubrication

With the continuous development of metal processing technology and scientific and technological progress, green processing has become more and more popular. The traditional way of using lubricating fluids for lubrication cooling has also been gradually replaced by dry cutting techniques. Because dry cutting also has many defects in machining, the quality of the workpiece is reduced and the wear of the cutting edge is accelerated, and the dust affects the environment. The micro-lubrication technology conforms to the market demand. The results of applying the micro-lubrication technology show that the quality of the machined parts is improved, the tool wear is reduced, and many problems caused by dry cutting are solved, and it is sure to become a process technology that is compatible with dry-cutting. The application of micro-lubrication technology will gradually replace the cooling and lubrication of cutting fluids.

The application of oil mist lubrication technology solves the problem of dry cutting and no lubrication. The surface quality of the machined workpiece under dry cutting conditions is improved, and the insufficient wear of the cutting tool is improved and the service life is prolonged.

Cooling and lubrication are an important aspect of product precision and quality during metal processing. Under the condition of achieving the same product quality, it is also necessary to consider the control of processing cost, reduce the comprehensive processing cost to a large extent, and improve the production efficiency. For the processing of small parts with good heat dissipation, the cooling method using a large amount of cutting fluid is undoubtedly a waste of energy. The application of the micro-lubrication technology is to provide the lubrication amount as needed, avoiding the waste of excessive lubrication and reducing the production cost.

As the government's environmental protection requirements for industrial enterprises increase, the impact of the lubrication method of pouring cutting oil on the environment and human health is increasingly valued. At the same time, the cost of cutting oil and the disposal cost of waste liquid are not small for enterprises. Expenditure also affects the competitiveness of enterprises.

Dopo is in line with the trend of green manufacturing in the machinery industry, and constantly introduces a small amount of lubrication products that meet various mechanical processing needs. The application of micro-lubrication technology in metal processing will bring more benefits to enterprises. We are willing to welcome green with you. The era of manufacturing has arrived.

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