Petrochemical Industry Water Treatment National Engineering Laboratory Settled in Tianjin

It is reported that the National Development and Reform Commission recently approved the construction of Tianjin Petrochemical Industry Water Treatment National Engineering Laboratory. At present, the Tianjin Municipal Development and Reform Commission is implementing the construction conditions and doing a good job of the project construction. The relevant preparatory work is under intense pressure.

Tianjin Petrochemical Research & Design Institute “Petrochemical Industrial Water Treatment National Engineering Laboratory” with a total investment of RMB 40.24 million to build a petrochemical industrial water treatment technology research and development test platform, focusing on industrial water treatment and wastewater that are key to water consumption such as chemical, petrochemical and oil refining With regard to resource bottlenecks, the Group will carry out research and development on industrial water-saving complete sets of technologies, industrial waste water resource-based technologies, and environment-friendly water treatment specialty chemical production technologies, and enhance the industrial water treatment industry's ability for independent innovation to provide technical support to the industry.

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