Panel mounted vibration intensity monitoring and protection model SDJ-3L, SDJ-3B

Panel mounted vibration intensity monitoring and protection model SDJ-3L, SDJ-3B
I. Overview
The HZD-L/W vibration monitor can be connected to a variety of vibration sensors, such as magneto-electric speed sensors or eddy current sensors. When connected to the speed sensor, it can measure the vibration intensity (vibration speed RMS) or displacement (vibration amplitude) in the vertical or horizontal direction of the casing or housing.
When connected to an eddy current sensor, the radial and horizontal radial vibrations of the rotating machine shaft can be measured. The digital display can separately display the vibration values ​​of the two channels. Each channel has an independent alarm, hazardous circuit and relay contact output. Accurately set alarm and hazard values, alarms and dangerous delay times, and view alarm and hazard settings at any time.
The standard voltage (1~5V) or standard current (4~20mA) corresponding to the vibration value can be independently output for use by a computer, data collector, recorder or other automatic control system. Other voltages or currents can also be output as needed. The gain of each channel is automatically adjusted for easy calibration of the system.
All functions are controlled by a single computer, and the parameter settings are all completed by the buttons. The adjustment is convenient, the precision is high, stable and reliable.
Panel mounted vibration intensity monitoring and protection model SDJ-3L, SDJ-3B
It can measure the vibration of the casing or structure relative to the free space, that is, the absolute vibration. It is especially suitable for machines with ball bearings. In this machine, the vibration of the shaft can be transmitted to the casing more, so the monitor can be equipped with Connect the magnetic speed sensor to continuously measure and protect the rotating machine. The sensor should be installed with special care, without causing the sensor amplitude to be reduced, and the frequency influence is changed or the generated signal can not represent the real vibration of the machine. For the motor, Compressors, fans, etc. need to measure a large number of vibration points, and the monitor is especially suitable.
The main function realizes intelligent processing: alarm I value, II value can be adjusted by panel button to adjust the range value, no potentiometer adjustment, convenient on-site debugging
30 seconds without pressing the operation button, you can return to the running state. The rear panel has a current output terminal proportional to the vibration amplitude value. The recording output has an alarm delay function (any setting is 0~25.5 seconds).

HZD-8500/C/D turbine monitoring and protection device, HZD-RSDC type overspeed protection device, 8500B rotating machinery monitoring and protection system, HZW type axial displacement monitor, HZW-Z type intelligent differential expansion monitor, HZS-04N type intelligent Tachometer
VS-068/VS-069/VS-077/VS-079/VS-080/VS-168/VS-169/VS-177/VS-277/VS-288/VS-289/Watt vibration speed sensor

PR9266/10 PR9268/11 PR9266/12 PR9268/20/30 PR9268/60/70 electric absolute vibration tile sensor

PR6418 relative displacement sensor PR9350 inductive displacement sensor PR9376 speed sensor PR9270 acceleration sensor

TM0782A-K/TM0783A/TM0793V-K/TM079VD Watt Vibration Sensor PT079VD Low Frequency Magnetoelectric Speed ​​Displacement Sensor
SDJ-3, 3B, SDJ-3B/G vibration monitor
SD-051/IN-081/IN-083/IN-084/IN-085/INA-081/INA-083/INA-085/DS-1051/DS-1052/DS-1053/DS-1054/SD- 052/SD-053/SD-054/SD-081/SD-083/SD-084/SD-087/SD-088/SD-089/SDH-151/SDH-154/SD-161/

OD-051/OD-053/OD-054/OD-055/OD-081/OD-083/OD-061/OD-062/OD-151/OD-162/OD-165 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration Probe front end

EC-001/EC-002/EC-003 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe extension cable

PR6422/PR6423/PR6424/PR6425/PR6426 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe CON011/91,

Technical parameter sensitivity 20~50mv/mm/s±1% (according to user adjustment) Frequency response (optional) 5~100hz, 10~500hz, 10~1000hz natural frequency about 10hz amplitude limit 2mm (peak-peak) Zui large acceleration 10g installation method vertical; horizontal; vertical, horizontal dual-use temperature range -30 ° C ~ 120 ° C relative humidity to 95% non-condensing Dimensions φ 35 × 78mm weight about 350g installation J2 / ZJ2-A / bearing vibration monitoring protection device
8500/85100XY/85564/85200/85850BCD-21A/VIBROCONTROL110/ EN900/EN2000A1/Vibration Monitoring Instrument
WLI-2011/PT2010/11 dual channel bearing vibration monitor

ZXP-J400/ZXP—J510/ZXP—J520/XD-2/XZK-1/OD-9008S/Double-channel tile cover vibration measuring instrument
OD9004/S2162/S2112/VB-Z420/VB-Z430/VRS2000A11/VRS2000A1 vibration monitor
VRS2000A3/VRS2000A4ST-101/EMT226/VIB-10b/VIB-5/ZDY/PT908/SJ-2011 bearing vibration monitoring instrument
SJ-2012/SJ-2031/SJ-2021/SJ-2022/SJ-2051/SJ-2052 vibration detection and protection device
TR81/DWQZ/TRIN/7200/3300/PR6422/PR6423/PR6424/PR6425/PR6426/Electro-Vortex Displacement Sensor
SD081082/85811/TM0180/TM0105/TM0182/WINW/QH8500/SE/CWY-DO/Axial Displacement Sensor
WD220 non-contact displacement sensor

RDZW-2Na/CZQZ/RDZW-2/RDZW-2N/WB-8501C/8521C/8531C/85300-DW/Axial Displacement Monitoring and Protection Device
85350/85710/EN2000A2/HY-01/TPM/DTPM/OD9006/S2102/ VRS2000A2/Axial Displacement Detection Monitor
HY-02/DEM/DDEM/ S2161A/
VRS2000A5/Expansion monitoring and protection device

SZCB-01/PR9376/SM-10/12/14/16/T-03/SZMB-5/9/SZMB-01 Reluctance Speed ​​Sensor
Y12AD/DSD/DSF/DSE/DSH magnetic sensitive speed sensor
HK-16/CM16/S16/HB2032/SC12-20K/GVS Gear Speed ​​Sensor
DZC-02/DZC-02A tachometer
DM504/HY-ZS3/WZ-7A anti-rotation speed monitoring and protection table
HY-ZS3F anti-speed sensor
SZC-04/SZC-04B/85700/85790/JMS/HY-01/XSM intelligent tachometer monitoring and protection device
SQY01/QYDPM/SQY08TD intelligent speed digital display
AI-TEK (AIRPAX)/Tach-pak1Tach-pak3Tachtrol2Tachtrol3/MV-VI intelligent speed monitor
WZ-3C/WZ-1D/WZ-6A/AI-TEK(AIRPAX)/EN2000A3SZC-04/SZC-04B/Intelligent Speed ​​Measuring Instrument
HY-ZS1/HY-ZS2A/HY-BT1/HY-ZS2/HY-ZS3/HY-CS1/OD9001/S2183/S2181/Smart Tachometer
VB-Z410/VB-Z440/VB-Z470/ VRS2000A7/ XHF-201/WB-8581 intelligent speedometer
QBJ, SDJ, HZD, CZJ intelligent vibration monitoring and protection instrument sensor tm0782a/tm0783a/ca-yd/yd/kd/tm0782a/winh/mta/pr9270/shq-25x/200150/200155/200157/200350/200355/ca- Gt acceleration sensor lvdt displacement sensor 1000td2000td3000td4000td5000td6000tdczj-b2/cz-6/cjz-d/cjz-d2/mli-2001/wb-9902/wb-8112b/zj2/zj2-a/bearing vibration monitoring protection instrument 8500/85100xy/85564 /85200/85850bcd-21a/vibrocontrol110/en900/en2000a1/vibration monitoring instrument zxp-f3200/zxp-j116/zxp-j200/zxp-j210/zxp-j220/dzx-400/pdm1201/wli-2004/wli-2003/ Wli-2001/s2662/vrs2000a11/wli-2011/pt2010/11 Dual-channel bearing vibration monitor zxp-j400/zxp-j510/zxp-j520/xd-2/xzk-1/od-9008s/Double-channel tile cover vibration Measuring instrument od9004/s2162/s2112/vb-z420/vb-z430/vrs2000a11/vrs2000a1 vibration monitor vrs2000a3/vrs2000a4st-101/emt226/vib-10b/vib-5/zdy/pt908/sj-2011 bearing vibration monitoring instrument sj -2012/sj-2031/sj-2021/sj-2022/sj-2051/sj-2052 vibration detection and protection instrument tr81/dwqz/trin/7200/3300/pr6422/pr6423/pr6424/pr6425/pr6426/eddy current displacement sensor Sd081082/85811/tm0180/tm0105/tm0182/winw/qh8500/se/ Cwy-do/axial displacement sensor ky8500/od9000/9000xl/s2100/s2200/vb-z9100/mlw3300/wd220 non-contact displacement sensor rdzw-2n
200157/200350/200355/ CA-GT Accelerometer
LVDT Displacement Sensor 1000TD 2000TD 3000TD 4000TD 5000TD 6000TD

TM0540/3300XL/WIN-400/HY-XY1/OD—9003(A/B)/S21310/VRS4000/XQ-15/DZ-30 Eddy Current Probe Static Calibrator

MTN/1185IC/VP-201/202 wattage vibration velocity sensor S-YTH vibration measuring device TM016-001-530-00-0/TM016 seismic velocity acceleration vibration sensor transmitter
VS-068/VS-069/VS-077/VS-079/VS-080/VS-168/VS-169/VS-177/VS-277/VS-288/VS-289/Watt vibration speed sensor measurement Vibration probe CZJ-B2/B3/B4/B3G/B4G vibration monitor
PR9266/10 PR9268/11 PR9266/12 PR9268/20/30 PR9268/60/70 electric absolute vibration tile sensor
PR6418 relative displacement sensor PR9350 inductive displacement sensor PR9376 speed sensor PR9270 acceleration sensor
TM0782A-K/TM0783A/TM0793V-K/TM079VD Watt Vibration Sensor PT079VD Low Frequency Magnetoelectric Speed ​​Displacement Sensor
SD-051/IN-081/IN-083/IN-084/IN-085/INA-081/INA-083/INA-085/DS-1051/DS-1052/DS-1053/DS-1054/SD- 052/SD-053/SD-054/SD-081/SD-083/SD-084/SD-087/SD-088/SD-089/SDH-151/SDH-154/SD-161/ SD-164/ WT-010/WT-025 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe
OD-051/OD-053/OD-054/OD-055/OD-081/OD-083/OD-061/OD-062/OD-151/OD-162/OD-165 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration Probe front detector vibration probe CZJ-B2/B3/B4/B3G/B4G vibration monitor
EC-001/EC-002/EC-003 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe extension cable
PR6422/PR6423/PR6424/PR6425/PR6426 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe CON011/91, CON021/91, CON031/91 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front end
TM0105/TM0180/TM0110/TM0120/TM0393 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe TM0182 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front end TM0181 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe extension cable
MMS6110 dual channel shaft vibration measurement module MMS6120 dual channel vibration measurement module MMS6210 dual channel displacement measurement module MMS6220 dual channel axis eccentricity measurement module MMS6312 dual channel speed key phase module MMS6410 dual channel cylinder expansion measurement module MMS6418 absolute relative differential measurement module MMS6831RS485 Communication unit MMS6823RS485 conversion module DOPS three take two speed measurement system a/czqz/rdzw-2/rdzw-2n/wb-8501c/8521c/8531c/85300-dw/axial displacement monitoring protection instrument 85350/85710/en2000a2/hy- 01/tpm/dtpm/od9006/s2102/vrs2000a2/axial displacement detection monitor rdzw-2na/czqx/rdcz/rdcz-2/85710/hy-02/dem/ddem/s2161a/vrs2000a5/expansion monitoring protection instrument szcb -01/pr9376/sm-10/12/14/16/t-03/szmb-5/9/szmb-01 magnetoresistive speed sensor smcb-01/s16/sms-12/16/e12-e12s-e58a -e58s/d12-d12p/f12a-f12s-f58a-f58s/y12ad/dsd/dsf/dse/dsh magnetic sensitive speed sensor hk-16/cm16/s16/hb2032/sc12-20k/gvs gear speed sensor dzc-02 /dzc-02a tachometer dm504/hy-zs3/szc-04f1/wz-7a anti-speed detection monitoring protection table hy-zs3f anti-speed sensor szc-04/szc-04b/szc-04f/85700/85790/jms/hy -01/xsm/df9011 smart tachometer Surveillance protection instrument xjp-10b/02a/42a/xsv-01/sqy01t/mft/sqy11-04/ras/sky/szc/sqyc/cs-1/sqy01/qydpm/sqy08td intelligent speed digital display instrument ai-tek (airpax )/tach-pak1tach-pak3tachtrol2tachtrol3/mv-vi intelligent speed monitor wz-3c/wz-1d/wz-6a/ai-tek(airpax)/en2000a3/smart tachometer hy-zs1/hy-zs2a/hy- Bt1/hy-zs2/hy-zs3/hy-cs1/od9001/s2183/s2181/Intelligent tachometer vb-z410/vb-z440/vb-z470/vrs2000a7/xhf-201/wb-8581 intelligent speedometer df9032 thermal expansion monitoring Instrument sw-2/td-2 displacement monitor 3500/3300/7200/pt2060/pt2010/rms700/mms3000/mms6000/vb4000/tn8000/win2000/vm600/en8000/en9000/mv2000/mv3000/s8100/8500/9000/ Zxp-jk6600/s32000/s36000/8000b series rotating machinery monitoring and protection device slmcd-21t/winyv/zd8133/od9200t/mls/v-9/fzb/ymlv/jx73/jx73st/bj230 integrated vibration transmission tr2001/tr2011/tr2031/ Tr2061/tr2081/trzf/tr95 transmitter dtm/tm101/tm201/tm202/tm301/tm302/tm501/tm502/transmitter slm/winv/en2000a4/en2000a5/en2000a6/transmitter zxp-t100/zxp-t110/ Zxp-t120/wz-5a/wz-5b/zd24-zf-1/zd24-zf-2 transmitter od9200-b/s9210/s9220/s9260/s9860/02/ S9820/02/s9881/01/jx5151/jx5121 transmitter vb-z330/vb-z310/vb-z320/mms3110/mms3120/mms3210/mms3311/mms3410/vrs20/mlv/d transmitter vib-15a/hr- 2000/tr4101/sj6011/sj6021/sj6031 transmitter tm0540/3300xl/win-400/hy-xy1/od-9003(a/b)/s21310/vrs4000/xq-15/dz-30 eddy current probe static calibration instrument
HZS-04F intelligent anti-tachometer, HZS-04T wall-mounted intelligent tachometer, HZS-04 intelligent tachometer, HZS-04M electronic module tachometer, HZS-04C intelligent tachometer, HZD-Z/W Type wall-mounted intelligent vibration temperature monitor HZD-W/L type intelligent vibration monitor, HZD-W/L type four-channel vibration monitor, HZD-Z type intelligent axis vibration monitor, HZD-W type intelligent vibration monitor , HZD-L type intelligent vibration intensity monitor, HXW-U type intelligent fuel tank oil level monitor, HXW-Y type intelligent oil motivation monitor, HXW-R type intelligent thermal expansion monitor

8500LD dual channel intensity monitor, 8500ZD dual channel vibration monitor SW-2 displacement monitor, RDPX eccentric monitor, 85200-W displacement monitor

MLI3000 vibration monitor, MLI-2001 speed detector, MLI-2010 water swing monitor, MLI-2009 eccentric monitor, MLI-2007 speed monitor, MLI-2005 differential monitor, MLI-2004 bearing vibration intensity Monitor
SZ-5/SZ-6/SZ-6B/TRLV/TM0793V/TM079VD/9200/74712/47633 Magnetoelectric Vibration Speed ​​Sensor
CD-1/CD-2/CD-4/CD-4A/CD-6/CD-6A/CD-7-C/CD-7-S/CD-8/Watt Cap Vibration Sensor
CD-21-2-C/CD-21-2-S/CD-21-T/CD-21C/S/BCD-21A/CD721/WIND vibration speed sensor
MLS-9/MLV-6/MLV-7/MLV-8/MLV-9200/MLV-9268/MLV-27/MT1/MT2T/MT3T/MT3M/Vibration Sensor
CS-CD-001/CS-CD-010/OD9200/OD9300/S6000/PR9266/PR9268/20/30/60/70/ Bush vibration sensor

CS-CD-001/CS-CD-010/OD9200/OD9300/S6000/PR9266/PR9268/20/30/60/70/Axis vibration vibration sensor
MLV-9200 (16699/900)/9200/74712/47633/HT-2ZD-24/ZD25/ZDF bearing vibration speed sensor
VB-Z9500/VB-Z9600/SJ1061/SJ1062 magnetoelectric vibration speed tile sensor
TM0782A/TM0783A/CA-YD/YD/KD/TM0782A/WINH/MTA/PR9270/SHQ-25X/200150/200155/200157/200350/200355/CA-GT Acceleration Sensor Portable Speed ​​Sensor Calibration Table Six-Wire LVDT Displacement Sensor 1000TD 2000TD 3000TD 4000TD 5000TD 6000TD 7000TD 8000TD 9000TD 10000TD 11000TD 12000TD Three-wire LVDT displacement sensor HR-DC displacement sensor, 3000HR-DC, 1000HR-DC, 500HR-DC, 200HR, 500HR, 1000HR, 2000HR, 3000HR, 5000HR, 10000HR PTS420 Displacement Sensor, PTS420 Position Transmitter, PTS420-5000 Position Sensor, PTS420-10000 HCT420 Displacement Sensor, HCT420 Position Transmitter, HCT420-5000 Position Sensor, HCT10000, HCT IS5000, HCT IS 10000 GCA/GCD Rebound Displacement sensor, GCA rebound displacement sensor, GCD rebound displacement sensor, GCD-SE, HC485 LBB ultra-precision displacement sensor, LBB-315PA, LBB-375PA
ATML-M1450-0600AT100/BTL5-E10-M0350-P-S32 Displacement Sensor JY PRT LVDT Shift Sensor

SDW-i/TR81/DWQZ/TRIN/7200/3300/PR6422/PR6423/PR6424/PR6425/PR6426/CWY-DO/8108-01/8108-02/8108-03/8111-01/8111-02/8111- 03/8125-01/8125-02/8125-03/CWY-DO-20T08 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front end
SD081082/85811/TM0180/TM0105/TM0182/WINW/QH8500/SE/CWY-DO/8300/HTW Axial Displacement Sensor Shaft Vibration Probe Front End
SDJ-3BG, SDJ-3LG vibration monitoring and protection device
WZ-5A/WZ-5B speed signal transmitter
ZHS-9/ZHV-9/SLMCD-21T/WINYV/ZD8133/OD9200T/MLS/V-9/FZB/YMLV/JX73/JX73ST/BJ230/YZHS/YZHV/YZH-B/WB-8111B integrated vibration sensor Feeder
TR2001/TR2011/TR2031/TR2061/TR2081/TRZF/TR95/SZBS-1 Transmitter
990 vibration transmitter / 991 axial displacement transmitter intelligent fan bearing vibration monitor
ZXP-T100/ZXP-T110/ZXP-T120/WZ-5A/WZ-5B/ZD24-ZF-1/ZD24-ZF-2 Transmitter
OD9200-B/S9210/S9220/S9260/S9860/02/S9820/02/S9881/01/JX5151/JX5121 Transmitter
MLV/DVIB-15a/HR-2000/TR4101/SJ6011/SJ6021/SJ6031/VB-Z410, VB-Z420, VB-Z430, VB-Z440, VB-Z440B, VB-Z310, VB-Z320, VB-Z330, VB-Z210, VB-Z220, VB-Z230, VB-Z9100, VB-Z9200, VB-Z9300, VB-Z9500, VB-Z9530, VB-Z9800, VB-Z470, VB-Z470B, VB-Z2100, VB- Z2200, VB-Z2300, VB-Z2400, VB-Z2500, VB-Z2600, VB-Z2700, VB-Z2800, VB-Z2900, VB-Z6100, VB-Z9210, VB-Z9220, VB-Z9260, VB-Z2184, VB-Z8200, VB-Z2188, VB-Z2101, VB-Z2102, VB-12161 transmitter
TK3-2/TM0520-K/-9292/JX-3B/S21330/S21320/OD9002/V503/V505/CIJ-J30/CIJ-J20/HV-520/VB-Z8901/DX-02/VRS5000/SE-11 /SE-41/PJD/VRS2000 Vibration Calibration Table Eddy Current Probe Calibration Instrument
TM0540/3300XL/WIN-400/HY-XY1/OD—9003(A/B)/S21310/VRS4000/XQ-15/DZ-30 eddy current probe static calibrator meter instrument ZH2062 programmable eccentricity monitor instrument ZH2072 Programmable displacement monitor instrument
BSQ series transmitter introduction BSQ001 power converter BSQ011 series vibration transmitter BSQ021 series shaft vibration transmitter BSQ031 series axial displacement transmitter BSQ051 series speed transmitter BSQ073 series stroke transmitter BS series installation box
YZHS/YZHV/YZH-S/YZH-V series integrated vibration bit transmitter YZH-B integrated vibration transmitter YZH-K series electronic vibration switch ZDT-2 portable vibration checker ZST-1 speed calibration Taiwan 8400 Series Static Calibrator Instrument ZY-350 Dynamic Calibrator Instrument
DWQZ series eddy current sensor SZ-4 type magnetoelectric speed sensor SZ-6 (C) type magnetoelectric speed sensor SZ-6B type magnetoelectric speed sensor SZ-6i type explosion-proof magnetic type speed sensor ZHS-9/ZHV -9 integrated ultra low frequency vibration displacement sensor SMCB-01/02 magnetic sensitive speed sensor SZCB series magnetoresistive speed sensor TD series LVDT sensor UT-81 series LVDT sensor B49 (UHZ) series magnetic flip column liquid level sensor SZCB-01i Type explosion-proof magnetic resistance type speed sensor SZ-6i type explosion-proof magnetic electric speed sensor TD-1i type LVDT sensor
BSQ001/TM900/TM900-A00 Power Converter

8000C rotating machinery monitoring and protection device 8002C management and power module 8012C vibration monitor 8022C axis vibration monitor 8032C displacement monitor 8051C speed / impact sub-monitor 8052C speed monitor 8054C zero speed monitor 8056C anti-rotation speed monitor 8062C eccentric monitor 8072C Travel monitor 8102C temperature (thermocouple) monitor 8106C temperature (thermal resistance) monitor 8142C universal monitor 8150C dual channel key phase 8163C three take two overspeed protector
8000B series monitoring and protection device system 8000B-000 instrument instrumentation chassis 8000B-001 instrument instrumentation power supply 8000B-012 dual channel bearing vibration function module 8000B-022 dual channel axis vibration function module 8000B-032 dual channel axial displacement function module 8000B- 042 dual channel expansion function module 8000B-051 single channel speed / zero speed / emergency interrupt function module 8000B-061 single channel eccentric function module 8000B-072 dual channel thermal expansion function module 8000B-082 dual channel valve position function module 8000B-092 Dual channel fuel tank oil level function module 8000B-102, 106 dual channel temperature function module 8000B-142 dual channel universal display function module 8000B-150 key phase function module 8000B-162 dual channel three take two function module 8000B speed monitoring protection device palm Computer configuration software configuration software acquisition software
8000 series monitoring and protection device 8000-01 instrument instrumentation chassis 8000-001 instrumentation instrument power supply 8000-011 (012) bearing pad vibration monitoring protection instrument instrument 8000-022 axis vibration monitoring protection instrument instrument 8000-031 (032) axial displacement monitoring Protection instrument meter 8000-041 (042) expansion monitoring device 8000-051 speed zero speed monitoring protection instrument meter 8000-061 eccentric monitoring protection instrument meter 8000-071 (072) cylinder expansion monitoring protection instrument meter 8000-081 (082 ) Valve position stroke (oil motive) monitoring and protection instrument meter 8000-091 (092) fuel tank oil level monitoring and protection instrument meter 8000-102 temperature monitoring protection instrument meter 8000-142 universal display instrument meter (level gauge) 8000-150 key


Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine for plates cutting, mainly used for the cutting steel plates of steel structure, bridge, petrol platform industry and so on.

- Hyperthern 75A 100A 125A 200A power supply

- Effective cutting width and length as buyer request

- plasma cutting and flame cutting

-200m cutting torch lifting distance


-0.05 speed tolerance

Plasma Cutting Machine

TX-XY Series CNC Plasma Cutting Machine for round and square pipes

Used for the cutting pipes of steel structure, bridge, petrol platform industry and so on

-round pipes from 100mm-1500mm

-square pipes from 100mm-1500mm

-12m pipes length

-one plasma and one flame cutting

Applicable Industry:

1. metal sheet cutting for signs and advertising

2. Automobile and ship manufacturing

3. Construction machinery manufacturing

4. Sheet metal processing

Main Features

1. Special R&D heavy-dutysteel lathe structure for big size steel processing, strict vibration aging treatment, effective removal of welding residual stress, the lathe can work ten years without deformation

2. Advancedspecial CNC plasma control system, with parameters presetting, memory, LCD display, automatic arc starting and stopping functions , stable performance

3. Gantrytype structure with special light crossbeams design, good rigidity , small inertia.

4. Unique slope leakage table design, easy to collectthe finished workpiece and broken materials, safe and convenient

5. High-precision linear guide rail, with high-speed rackgear transmission, to ensure long-term stable running.

6. High compatibility with CAD/CAM software such as Type3, ArtCam, AutoCAD, Ucancam, Jdpaint etc

7. Highsensitivity Auto arc voltage height control system, automatically adjust the best cutting distance, to ensure the high precision cutting (optional)


Plasma Cutting Machine

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