How to choose a suitable small refrigerator truck according to the delivery of goods

The sales season for small refrigerators has arrived, because ice cream and ice cream sales season begin immediately. Therefore, the purchase of small refrigerator trucks is the first choice for customers. Why do you say so?

Ice cream and ice cream need to be sent to various small supermarkets or street canteens. Such roads are not very wide. The small refrigerator cars have small and narrow bodies, convenient access to such streets, and convenient turning. Therefore, small refrigerator trucks are particularly popular with customers.

However, there are many types of small-size refrigerated trucks. Today, Xiao Bian mainly teaches us how to choose the goods based on the delivery of goods.

To buy a refrigerated truck, we generally choose from three aspects: the chassis of a refrigerated truck, the body of a refrigerated truck, and the refrigerator of a refrigerated truck. How to select and identify the quality of a small refrigerated truck? The choice of the car body is related to the specific cargo being transported. Different goods have different requirements for the car body. Therefore, we must learn how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the refrigerated carriage and the unit.


If it is a refrigerated truck that transports fresh meat, it needs to be hooked on the car body and equipped with meat hooks; if the refrigerated trucks that distribute goods for the stores have small batches and varieties, they will need refrigerated trucks with multiple temperature zones; Frequent need for more door refrigerated vehicles, you need to install side doors, anti-cold running door curtains and other additional devices; transport ice cream refrigerated car body thickness is greater than the general preservation, refrigeration refrigerated carriage, transport live products, fish or shrimp Such as the need for retrofit equipment, etc., all of these, the user can customize to our refrigerated truck manufacturers according to specific needs.

Finally, Xiao Bian should remind everyone that the price of different materials for refrigerated trucks is different, and the cost for refitting will be different. Refrigerating car body production materials are generally divided into two kinds of color steel plate and glass steel, glass steel production of the car body appearance flatness and smoothness will be better, while the production of color steel plate flatness and gloss to be almost, the insulation effect of the two are also different. Customers who want to buy a small refrigerated truck should look carefully and choose a suitable refrigerated truck based on the materials they have shipped to avoid spending more money.

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