How does the smart home system do the wiring work?

Smart home is a residential platform, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate home life related facilities, and build efficient management system for residential facilities and family schedules. Home safety, convenience, comfort, and artistry, and achieve an environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment.
Nowadays, smart homes are hot and there are more and more smart home integrated wiring projects that need to be constructed. So what do we need to pay attention to when designing smart home weak wiring?
LAN system
As we all know, the era of network information has had an important impact on home life. We should keep up with the pace of the times to build a small local area network for new homes to cope with the needs of family Internet access, information appliance access network, and remote network monitoring. To set up a small local area network at home, you only need to apply for a broadband Internet connection, so that each room can use the computer to access the Internet at the same time.
In addition, with the trend of home appliance networking, network video and audio centers, network refrigerators, network microwave ovens, network video surveillance will appear one after another, these devices can find the nearest network interface access network.
The key to wiring: The LAN we want to build is a star topology. Any node or connection cable failure will affect only one node. The RJ45 wiring panel module with the total control function installed in the information access box, all The line from the network socket is connected to the rear of the wiring panel. The information access box should also be equipped with a small network switch, which is connected to the front interface of the wiring panel through the RJ45 jumper.
In order to reserve network information interfaces for online information and large-scale network information appliances, it is necessary to have at least two network interfaces in each room: one can be used as a network, and the other can be used as a telephone. This is based on network and telephone complex. Use and inter-line backup requirements. Including RJ45 wiring panels, twisted pair cables, RJ45 information modules, you must choose the current popular transmission media, to meet the needs of the present and future.
Home theater system
The home theater system is the choice of modern home entertainment, and the establishment of a home theater system should be the choice of many families. A home theater is a clear, colorful image that is the same or similar to a movie theater at home, full of dynamics and sound effects like the scene. Home theater equipment is divided into video and audio. The video part is a very important part of the whole system, usually made up of large-screen color TVs or projectors, where the projector needs to be wired.
The AV amplifier is the center of audio playback and is characterized by multi-channel sound reproduction. The speaker in the home theater consists of five, six, seven and the other plus one heavy speaker. The main and center speakers on the left and right sides of the front can be left unwired, and the surround speakers and rear speakers on the rear should be routed.
The key to wiring: Home theater system wiring mainly includes the projector's video cable, such as VGA, color line, DVI, HDMI and speaker cable. Since it is a home theater system, these cables are not connected, that is, one line goes to the end, the connectors and wires are made by the original factory, so other wiring systems are independent, and generally only in the living room or the study room. The length of the traces should be accurately calculated during the design to purchase a cable of the appropriate length to ensure that it is adequately pulled into place and has sufficient margin at the center of the AV equipment.
When wiring, one end of these expensive cables should be carefully wrapped with multi-layer plastic, tied with iron wire, then tied with electric tape, then pulled through the PVC casing, pulled at one end, and sent at the other end. Can not use brute force. In addition, the PVC pipe can be selected to be slightly larger so that it can be smoothly pulled, and the middle line of the pipe is not twisted.
AV system
AV is a collection of audio and video. Friends who have used DVD know that the output of the signal includes one channel of video, one channel of left channel, and one channel of right channel. Generally, the AV equipment is in the living room. If we need to enjoy the AV audio and video equipment in each room, we must connect the above three lines to each room through the home integrated wiring.
AV systems in the home include: DVD AV system, satellite receiver AV system, digital TV AV system. Through the AV signal transmission system, you can watch videos, watch satellite TV programs, and watch digital TV programs in other rooms without having to repeatedly add multiple DVDs, satellite receivers, digital TV set-top boxes and other devices. AV signals can be transmitted to other rooms such as bedrooms, study rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.
The key to wiring: AV system needs to distribute three cables at the same time. The socket panel is a three-hole AV interface. The AV module panel is used in the information access box. The AV signal of the audio-visual center is always connected to the rooms. Each group of three wires from the room is respectively connected to each group of terminals behind the AV module panel, and is turned on or off through the panel's dial switch.
Because this kind of wiring line is connected, this is not allowed in principle in the AV system, but in order to share and be beautiful, in the use environment that is not very "fever grade", it can only be compromised, so the AV system is important for the wire. The choice is to choose a wire that is good enough to offset some of the deficiencies. The video cable and the audio cable should be made of high-purity oxygen-free copper as the conductor, and the interface of the interface panel and the AV module should be 24K gold-plated.
Family background music system
Background music has gradually become the new favorite of modern home decoration. When people do housework at home, when people are free to squat, they must want to hear wonderful and soft background music everywhere in the hotel. It is necessary to spread the graceful and gentle background music in every corner of the house, which requires the audio cable to be connected to all corners through the home integrated wiring in various rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and the like. The ordinary family background music system adopts centralized control mode, which can directly input the sound source into the partitionable control power amplifier. The partition control power amplifier is the core of this system.
By selecting the switch of the audio input of the power amplifier, one program can be selected from the above multiple sound sources, and each room can only listen to the same program. An important feature of this system is that the program broadcast of each room can be independently controlled by the partitionable control amplifier, and the required room can be played, and the unnecessary room can be closed. The system is simple in structure, uncomplicated in construction, and economical and practical. And each playback speaker can be turned on and off separately.
The key to the wiring: the home background music system is also an independent wiring system, which can connect the speaker line letters of the speakers from each room to the speaker wiring panel located on the wall of the living room audio and video center, and can control the power amplifier and then connect the speakers in turn. The wiring panel forms a home background music system.
Infrared forwarding system
The infrared forwarding system consists of an infrared receiver located in each room and an infrared emitter located in the living room. The infrared receiver receives signals from remote controllers of various audio and video devices, and turns the electrical signals into infrared emitters. The infrared transmitters convert the electrical signals into the same infrared signals as the original remote controllers, and transmit them to the audio and video equipment for control.
The wiring of the infrared forwarding system is a supporting project of the above AV system, through which the user can remotely control the audio-visual equipment such as a DVD player, a power amplifier, a satellite receiver, a digital television set-top box, etc. in a living room or the like in a bedroom or a study room. . Therefore, through the AV cabling system and the infrared forwarding system remote control device, the convenience and comfort brought by the home informationization and the multi-point sharing of the audiovisual equipment can be fully enjoyed.
The key to wiring: the wiring of the infrared forwarding system can not pass through the information access box, because the signal lines of the infrared receivers of each room can be connected together, and then connected to the infrared emitter through a set of signal lines. The main point of installation of the infrared receiver in the room is: on the same wall as the audio-visual equipment in the room.
The installation point of the infrared transmitter in the living room is: installed on the opposite wall of the audio-visual equipment in the living room. Since the entire system only supplies power to the transmitter, it should be given a power switch so that the system can be turned off when not in use.
Monitoring alarm system
The home residential alarm system consists of a home smart microcomputer alarm host and various front-end detectors. Front-end detectors can be divided into door magnets, window magnets, gas detectors, smoke detectors, infrared probes, emergency buttons, and so on.
When someone illegally invades, the corresponding detector will be triggered, and the home alarm host will immediately send the alarm signal to the cell management center or the user-specified phone, so that the security personnel can quickly alarm; meanwhile, the alarm host of the community management center will record This information is available for inspection. If the family home alarm system is connected to the alarm of the community security, if there is such a system in the community, the family should install the residential alarm system.
The key to wiring: the home residential alarm system can be part of the integrated wiring, and the microcomputer alarm host can be installed next to the outer wall of the information access box. The integrated wiring of each front-end detector is connected to the security alarm meter reading signal acquisition module in the information access box, and then the microcomputer alarm host is connected from the module.

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