Development direction of packaging equipment in China

First, packaging products processing machinery and packaging container processing machinery

1, multi-layer wide high-strength corrugated cardboard, carton equipment. Improve the automation and intelligent control level of continuous production of corrugated board, die-cutting, creasing, printing and box making production lines. Focus on the development of complete sets of equipment, develop wide-format, 5-, 7-, and 9-story and high-strength corrugated board production equipment and indentation, die-cutting, box-making, printing (including color printing) complete sets of equipment, and moisture-proof, printing, etc. Boxes and other multi-functional equipment.

2, pulp molding machine. Increase the variety of pulp molding machinery products to meet the production of pulp molding packaging products with different thickness specifications and packaging functions.

3, metal tank packaging container processing equipment. Microcomputer centralized control and frequency conversion technology for steel three-piece can production line. Development of steel two-piece can forming equipment. We will develop all kinds of can-making equipment, such as mercury-free high-speed welding machines, composite tanks, special-shaped tanks and spray cans, as well as equipment such as necking, glands, and printing.

4, plastic hollow container processing equipment and mold design and manufacturing technology. Development of an energy-efficient extrusion head and wall thickness control system, and the development of a PET bottle making system.

5, glass bottle machine. Develop 10 groups and 12 groups of dual-drop microcomputer control molding equipment to develop lightweight bottle production technology.

Second, direct packaging machinery

1, beer, beverage complete sets of equipment. Appropriately develop small and medium-sized beer and beverage canning equipment of 50,000 tons/year and properly develop large-scale beer and beverage canned complete sets of equipment with a capacity of 100,000 tons/year or more, in order to adapt to the development direction of the “industrial production of discrete cans” in the beverage industry. , Development of on-site deployment of technical equipment (including packing, unloading boxes, sterilization, labeling, in-situ cleaning, etc.), development of high-speed, low loss, accurate measurement, automatic detection and other multi-functional, fully automatic large-scale equipment. The production efficiency of filling, capping, and labeling is coordinated to improve the overall technical level of beer and beverage filling.

2, vacuum, ventilation packaging equipment and devices. The company will focus on the development of continuous vacuum packaging equipment with a large bag capacity (1 to 10 kg), high-efficiency gas-exchange packaging equipment in which various gases are charged in proportion to the bag, and a vacuum and air exchange device compatible with the multifunctional packaging machine. .

3, aseptic packaging equipment. The development of aseptic packaging systems for liquid and semi-fluid foods and their ancillary equipment, including disposable packaging products for smaller containers and larger intermediate products for dispensing. The development of aseptic filling systems, aseptic packaging cartons, plastic cups, cans molding equipment, sterile bag large packaging equipment.

4, bag forming? D filling? D sealing equipment. Develop series of products that are applicable to different state-of-the-art subjects and different package weights to solve the product's adaptability, compatibility, and reliability, and develop high-level powder automatic packaging machines to meet the needs of such things as multi-function, automation, and high-speed development. The automatic packaging requirements for various powders such as powdered milk and washing powder are focused on the packaging of milk powder, washing powder, starch, and finished food. The development of electronic weigh scales has enabled it to be used as a multi-functional device that can be used independently for packaging and can also be used with various types of container molding, D-filling, and D-sealing equipment to increase the accuracy and speed of powder filling and pellet filling. Develop a computationally-controlled combined weighing machine to meet the requirements of different rules for material weighing for high-speed, high-precision metering.