Description of the type of hot oil pump

Hot oil pump is the use of mechanical, physical, chemical, physical and chemical methods such as container extraction, in order to obtain and maintain a vacuum device.
From the structure of the vacuum pump can be roughly divided into: reciprocating vacuum pumps, rotary vacuum pumps and jet vacuum pumps. Reciprocating vacuum pump is suitable for pumping non-solid particles, non-corrosive gases. This vacuum pump pumping speed larger vacuum degree higher. It is widely used in chemical plants. However, its complex structure, large amount of maintenance.
Water ring vacuum pump is a rotary vacuum pump, circulating water vacuum pump is widely used in evaporative distillation, crystallization, filtration, vacuum, sublimation and other operations, low temperature cooling circulating water vacuum pump is a vacuum pump and low temperature cooling pump combination. Which can be vacuum, but also to provide low-temperature cooling circulating water, vacuum distillation and decompression enrichment of a good auxiliary equipment, especially adapted to a rotary evaporator, not only jet vacuum pump is the use of a higher pressure fluid to transport the other A fluid. By the hot oil pump and jet pump (or ejector) combination, relying on the injection device, resulting in a vacuum nozzle to achieve suction. Reduce the use of space, but also reduce the degree of vacuum, saving water resources, extensive equipment by modern laboratories.
Hydraulic jet pump is a pump with vacuum, condensation, drainage and other three kinds of effective mechanical devices. It is the use of a certain pressure of water flow through a symmetrical uniform tilt nozzle spray, polymerization in a focus. As the jet water flow velocity is high, so the formation of negative pressure around the chamber to produce a vacuum, the other as a direct contact with the secondary steam jet water, heat exchange most of the steam condensate into water, a small amount of uncondensed steam and not Condensate gas also due to high-speed jet of water friction, mixing and extrusion, through the diffuser to be excluded, asphalt insulation pump chamber to create a higher vacuum.

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