China Construction Machinery Industry Association (Dalian) Training Base was unveiled recently

The China Construction Machinery Industry Association and Dalian Yiliao Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. jointly established the “China Construction Machinery Industry Association (Dalian) Training Base” and recently held an unveiling ceremony in Dalian. It is reported that the base aims to better help China's construction machinery industry enterprises to cultivate innovative technical personnel, build independent research and development technical team, enhance the ability of independent innovation of enterprises, accelerate industrial technological progress, and better participate in international competition. The training base is mainly based on the strong faculty and resources of Dalian University of Technology, rich educational resources, and the technical strength of the engineering machinery research center of Dalian University of Technology in the field of engineering machinery product design and development for many years, and the professional and technical personnel for domestic construction machinery industry companies to carry out promotion. The professional training of design concept and R&D means plays an active role in the construction of the technical team of the construction machinery industry in China and the improvement of the enterprise's innovation ability.

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