Analyze the camera wiper and invisible wiper glass

From the product point of view, most of the ball surveillance cameras that support PTZ support the wiper function. Taking into account the product configuration, it is very inconvenient to install a wiper. It is also said that the size of the dome camera is inherently large. If an additional wiper controller is added, there is also a lot of burden on the interior space. If the product is further subdivided, the proportion of wiper installed in the infrared night vision monitoring machine is very high. One of the important reasons is that the dome has high infrared temperature and poor heat dissipation. Wiper. Of course, in addition to installing wipers, there is another way that most manufacturers prefer the technology.

"Invisible wiper" window glass is compared to the wiper, if the wiper "invisible" can reduce a lot of the burden? Invisible wiper window glass has the function of repelling water, dust, and snow. This is a problem with the texture of the glass itself and it does not rely on external devices for mechanical cleaning. It not only solves the mechanical cleaning process, but also eliminates the need to install components inside the camera.

Another cause of fog and other phenomena in the camera's protective cover is that the device is poorly sealed. For example, leaks may occur at the camera seams, screw holes, etc. If you want to solve this problem, manufacturers must work hard to consider whether to use concave slot design, or in the screw interface pad rubber pad and so on. In fact, don't underestimate any of the widgets on the surveillance camera because it will make the monitoring process more perfect. If you don’t want to leave your camera with regret, have you ever thought of replacing the invisible wiper glass cover in extreme weather?

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